All trees are provided with an attractive O₂Tree label with clear information and instructions, and which gives the products a uniform appearance. The label has all the information the customer needs. Since the trees are also properly packaged and protected, they are kept safe from the wind and other damage.

What our customers say about O₂Tree:

'Betuwe Plant's O₂Tree concept is a big hit on the sales floor. The result is demonstrably better sales.' - Robert, Intratuin Arnhem

'The O₂Tree concept is an innovative method of selling trees at garden centres. They are clearly presented, which ultimately leads to more sales.' - Marco, Borghuis Garden Centre in Deurningen

'I’m very happy with this new concept. With O₂Tree, I can present the trees properly. The method securing of securing half-standards is also new, and has ended the irritating situation of trees being blown over by strong wind.’ - Ben, Intratuin Z-O Beemster

Would you like to include O₂Tree in your range?

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