'I will cool the city'

Hydrangea paniculata Candlelight® (PBR)
Panicle hydrangea
Category:Topiary standards & half-standards
Use:Suitable for terraces and small gardens
Height:Stem + 1m canopy
Care instructions:Cut back to 30 cm after the winter. Use organic fertiliser in ornamental gardens.
Suitable for consumption?:Not suitable for consumption!
Flowering period:July to September with red/pink/white flowers.
Temperature Class:4a (-34,4°C tot -31,7°C)
Plant instructions:The planting hole must be the width of the root ball. Ensure the top of the root ball is level with the surface.
Plant position:Sun/partial shade
Winter hardiness:Very hardy
Edible fruit:No
Place in full sun:Yes
Place in partial shade:Yes
Place in shade:No