'I will cool the city'

Euonymus alatus Compactus
Spindle tree
Category:Topiary standards & half-standards
Use:Suitable for terraces and small gardens
Height:Stem + 1m canopy
Care instructions:Tolerates pruning well, although you rarely need to. Only prune crossing branches. The best time is in the late spring or summer. Use organic fertiliser in ornamental gardens.
Suitable for consumption?:Not suitable for consumption!
Flowering period:May/June, with yellow flowers and red-pink fruit.
Temperature Class:4 (-34,4°C tot -28,9°C)
Plant instructions:The planting hole must be the width of the root ball. Ensure the top of the root ball is level with the surface.
Plant position:Sun/partial shade
Winter hardiness:Very hardy
Edible fruit:No
Place in full sun:Yes
Place in partial shade:Yes
Place in shade:No