General CO₂ storage
10-22 kg CO₂ / tree / year

General CO₂ storage

The CO₂ meter shows how many kilos of CO₂ (carbon dioxide) the tree absorbs on average per year.

General oxygen emissions
4-8kg O₂ / tree / year

General oxygen emissions

The oxygen production meter shows how many kilos of oxygen the tree releases per year.

General water capture
30-60 liters / tree / year

General water capture

The water meter shows how much water the tree captures per year.

Innovative and reliable

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Planting trees

A tree will achieve its full potential if it’s planted correctly. We explain how to get the best out of your tree.

A healthy climate

Trees not only improve the appearance of our surroundings, they also have a major positive impact on our living environment and air quality.

About O₂Tree

O₂Tree is a label of the Betuwe Group, a supplier of open ground trees, multi-stem trees, solitary shrubs, and conifers. The trees are collected from specialist nurseries, assuring you of sustainable, healthy trees at the best price. More information>>


The advantages of O₂Tree products:

- Oxygen production

- CO₂ capture

- Particulate matter capture

- Pollutant conversion

- Cooling during hot days

- Shelter for animals